An artist is anyone who creates their own original content, which includes filmmakers, musicians, comedians, podcasters, etc

Restoring Artistic Freedom

Merging content with social media elements gives artists one location to deliver all of their content saving them hours managing multiple sites.


Deliver all of your content in one location without a placement agent. 

Better Payouts

We designed our platform to ensure the artists profit, not the studios.

Security & IP Protection

Your content is protected behind our proprietary encryption, and your IP remains yours.

Build Your Community

Artists will build communities in their channels to directly engage with their loyal fans.


Sell downloads and merchandise and in a later phase, license your work to other artists.

Full Control

Artists control their own channel terms of service, so they can be free to create what they want.

Invest in Creádo!

We are currently raising additional capital to complete our MVP. We are looking for
visionary accredited investors to join our mission!
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