A Place for Creators.

What is a Creator? A Creator is anyone who generates their own original content. This could be a filmmaker, a social media influencer, audio/video podcasters, musicians, how-to experts, new media outlets and many more.

With censorship and cancel culture at a boiling point in our society, so many voices are being shut down. Many creators are forced to push their content across multiple platforms to ensure their audience sees their content. This is a major disruption in your ability to deliver content. It not only dilutes the message and the delivery, but it disconnects you from your audience who are eager for the content they tuned in to receive.

This is about FREEDOM! Freedom to deliver all of your content in one location to an engaged audience of loyal fans. Freedom to earn more giving you the freedom to do what you do best, and that’s create content!


For Filmmakers

For Filmmakers, our Creádo Media platform provides you the opportunity to self-distribute your films directly to a captive audience without the need for a distribution agent taking a standard 30-50% placement fee that competitor streaming platforms require. This is about eliminating the gatekeepers and giving you full control of your distribution to either your paid channel subscribers or via pay-per-view. After your first run, filmmakers can also submit for the approval to be added to our CreádoCinema package, or choose to leave it on their channels or continue the PPV.

Content is king. To keep a loyal, engaged audience we recommend filmmakers also get in the habit of shooting interviews with the cast/crew, tell the back story, and give inside looks that fans want to see. Filmmakers can also submit completed films via our Studios division’s submission system, which will be available December 1st, 2020.


For Musicians

On our Creádo Media platform, musicians are treated as creators. The future for music distribution is the same as filmmakers, and that’s self-distribution. Our platform model allows musicians the ability to upload music videos, original content, live-stream from the road or studio and stream their music to a paid subscriber base while keeping a majority of the profits from your labor. You keep your catalogs, you profit off of them without the labels taking 80%. Musicians can also offer downloads at a price they set, including WAV files, so musicians can ensure the best, uncompressed product is delivered at the highest quality. It’s art, why be forced to sell a compressed version of your art!

Coming in Phase 3 is our Creádo Marketplace  where creators and musicians can license their content in a collaborative way. Our licensing division can also license your music directly to radio, satellite or for corporate needs.


If you are a creator, we would love to learn more about you. Tell us your story, the issues you have had, and let us know if you’d like to be considered for our early adopter program during closed beta.