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For Consumers

For consumers, streaming and social media fatigue is real! Not only do they have to chase their favorite artists across multiple platforms, but their ability to directly connect with artists is non-existent. Creádo® puts consumers back in full control of their experience, allowing them to choose the communities and content they want to support, and a guarantee that their privacy and data is being protected.

“Until streaming services provide more ways for superfans to be active, the superstars they follow will find other places to connect with them." - MidiaResearch.com

By Artists for Artists

Artists distribute across multiple streaming platforms. Then have to jump to social media just to engage with their fans. This costs them valuable time and potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue. Creádo® provides the tools artists need to create, distribute, control their earnings and intellectual property, and build communities of loyal, paying fans in one location!

“45% of consumers say they would pay a premium for live, exclusive or on-demand content from a favorite celebrity, speaker or group." - Livestream.com

Invest in Creádo!

We are currently raising additional capital to complete our MVP. We are looking for
visionary accredited investors to join our mission!

Become A Founding Member

As we begin our next stage of development, we are offering the general public the opportunity to help us fund this next phase. Learn how to become a founding member and be one of our platform early adopters and beta testers today!
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