Let Freedom Stream™

The Future of Cloud Entertainment

CE Studios Inc (Creádo®) is a cloud entertainment company that is building the engine to power the future of streaming technology.

Built with 
Artists In Mind

Designed for Video Streaming

Scalable Cloud Technology

Secure Cloud Storage


Data, Privacy and IP Protection

The Problem

The major studios have controlled and profited off of artists’ intellectual property for too long. The system is set up to reward the companies, not the artists.

Big tech controls the hosting on almost all competing streaming platforms. There are no available scalable options to build competing platforms without the reliance on their technology, until now!

The Solution

Built on our protected Creádo® Cloud infrastructure.

Creádo® Cloud
Our cloud infrastructure, built on our own network that will power the future of streaming technology to the production world for years to come.

Creádo® Media

A secure distribution platform allowing artists and consumers the freedom to build communities around content and engage in a more private, secure way.

Creádo® Studios

Our own independent content studio developing major motion pictures and original series content delivered directly to our platform.

Invest in Creádo®

For my life to get better I have to get better. For things to change I have to change. I am mine. This is my life and I am the creator of my destiny.

— Benjamin Franklin


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