Company Overview

A veteran-owned, Cloud Entertainment Company.

Built by aerospace and cyber engineers who have sworn an oath to protect our nation’s vital military, space and cyber infrastructures.

Catering to 75+ Million American consumers who have been disenfranchised on other platforms.

We control everything from the keyboard to the dirt, and protect our technology with six layers of encryption.

The Problem

Technology shouldn’t be political! Technology is supposed to advance productivity, not shut it down.

We are now living in an era where big tech, big media and the Hollywood studios have a complete monopoly on the hosting, creation and delivery of content. This means a majority of the country may now be in the cross-hairs of big tech censorship and canceled because of their political views.

There are simply no scalable cloud platforms on the market that can protect the constitutional rights of American businesses and consumers, until now!

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Planned Rollout

Phase 1
Creádo® Cloud
Phase 2
Creádo® Media
Phase 3
Creádo® Studios

The Solution

Led by our team of aerospace and cyber engineers we are building a competing cloud-based infrastructure and technology platform that will provide the backbone for not only our own products and services, but will give businesses and retail customers new opportunities and choices that are currently not available.

The Mission

Our core mission is to fast track to market our own proprietary technology, as well as a fleet of products and services that will free Americans from their reliance on big tech, big media and big studio control.

The Vision

Our vision is to provide better transparency, opportunities and security protection for all of our customers, changing the way people communicate by providing direct access to communities and content they want to see.

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