The Future Is Now!

This is an opportunity for investors to get on board the next big wave in digital media. 

The Market

Anticipated Size Of The Global Media And Entertainment Market By 2023.
Source: PwC Research Film 2023
Size of the U.S. SVOD Streaming Video On-Demand Market in 2022.
Source: PwC Research Film 2023
U.S. Paid (SVOD) Streaming Video On-Demand users in 2022.
Source: PwC Research Film 2023
U.S. Paid Streaming Music Users in 2022.
Source: Statista 2023

Key Industry Indicators

Percentage Of Streaming And Box Office Sales That Came From Outside The United States In 2022.
Source: PwC Research Film 2023
Amount invested in On-Demand startups since 2021, which is ten times the level in that was invested in 2013.
Source: 2022
Percentage of viewers who would pay a premium for live, exclusive or on-demand content from a favorite celebrity, speaker or group.
Source: 2022
New Netflix U.S. subscribers during the 2020 Corona Virus lockdown validating video and entertainment streaming is recession proof.
Source: Yahoo Finance 2021
There has never been a better time to invest in alternative solutions and new opportunities to compete with big tech and the Hollywood system. 

We are seeking accredited investors to raise funding to get our BETA technology finished and our distribution platform to market. Additional rounds will follow for expansion of our data centers and the completion and release of future phases.

We are utilizing a SAFE Agreement (Simple Agreement for Future Equity), which provides early shareholders with a 10% discount on the share price, once the priced round is closed (click on the link to learn about SAFE's). 

Our company will remain a private company to protect our customers and investors. While there is risk in every investment, the potential ROI could mirror similar tech companies and entertainment companies in this space.

If you are an accredited investor, please click the "inquire about investing now" link. 

We look forward to partnering with you!
Inquire About Investing Now
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