The Background.

This is an opportunity for investors to get on board the next big wave in digital media. Our company is building an American competitor similar to Amazon and Google that will actually protect the rights of all Americans. This is an opportunity for visionary investors to get on board at pre-IPO value, targeting those who understand the market and the major issues with the current landscape.

We are change agents, similar to how Netflix changed the market in 2007. A prospective investor could see returns, for example, similar to those seen by Netflix’s early investor’s ($1.79/share during initial capital raise). Our company will remain a private company to protect our customers and investors. While there is risk in every investment, the potential ROI could mirror similar tech companies and entertainment companies in this space.

We are seeking accredited investors to raise startup seed funding to get our first two phases to market by Summer 2021. Additional rounds will follow for expansion of our data centers and the completion and release of our Phase 3 Creádo®TV platform.

We would love to speak with you immediately. We are in raising capital via a SAFE agreement now and this round gives early seed investors a discount on their investment. This round will close Wednesday, March 24th, 2021. Our Series A1 round will follow shortly after. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly. A mutual NDA signature is required, then our pitch deck will follow.

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We look forward to partnering with you!

The Market.


Size of the U.S. Cloud Computing Market in 2020.
Source: PwC Research Film 2020


Size Of The U.S. Social Media Market In 2020.
Source: PwC Research Film 2020


Size of the U.S. VOD Streaming Market by 2021.
Source: PwC Research Film 2020


Anticipated Size Of The Global Media And Entertainment Market By 2023.
Source: PwC Research Film 2020


Percentage Of Streaming And Box Office Sales That Came From Outside The United States In 2019.
Source: PwC Research
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