Latin for “Created”.

Creádo (CE Studios Inc.) is a free market driven studio and content platform for independent creators, filmmakers, musicians and artists – free from censorship and big studio control. A private company that believes in equal speech and privacy rights for all, as protected by our U.S. Constitution. The company includes two divisions:

  • Creádo Studios is a full-service studio that creates and produces our own original major motion picture and original series content, as well as a development, licensing and distribution division for other independent filmmakers to submit original concepts for consideration.
  • Creádo Media is a hybrid, subscription-based streaming service allowing creators to upload and monetize videos, podcasts and music. Our mission is to provide better transparency, monetization and privacy protection, including intellectual property for all of our customers. Bringing original content together with social media elements allows creators to build a one-on-one relationship with their fans enabling them to grow their brands in a more fruitful, collaborative way.

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