Welcome To Creádo®

Creádo® (kree' ah' doh) (Latin: 'Created') was established by a group of tv, film, media and radio professionals. Our mission is to provide better transparency, opportunities and security protection for all of our customers, changing the way they communicate by providing direct access to communities and content they want to see.

Unlike competing platforms, we will not be controlled by wall street or outside forces trying to silence artists or customers. This is a mission to restore our culture and the arts, putting the freedom back into the hands of those who create and consume it!

The Product

Freedom without limits!

Creádo® Platform

Creádo® "The Platform" is a monthly recurring, streaming communications platform giving artists and users the freedom to securely build their brands and deliver all of their content directly to their fans in one convenient location.

  • Built on a Social Networking interface
  • Artist Channels with Films, Music, Podcasts and more
  • Integrated Voice Chat, Private Messaging and Groups
  • Merchandising, Downloads and Collectibles
  • Full Data and Intellectual Property protection
  • Business/Advertiser Tools, Resources and Analytics

Invest in Creádo®

For my life to get better I have to get better. For things to change I have to change. I am mine. This is my life and I am the creator of my destiny.

— Benjamin Franklin
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