Latin for “Created”.

CE Studios Inc is a proud American media, entertainment and technology startup that is building the alternative to Hollywood and Silicon Valley that supports traditional American values and artistic freedom.

UPDATE: Due to recent events, our team has shifted gears now to raise and additional $500K to add to our team to move our social media prototype to the front of the line. This will be on our secured, protected infrastructure. Please help us to raise the funds now by clicking here.

The company and our brand Creádo is made up of three main divisions:

  • Creádo Cloud is our own, US based cloud-based technology infrastructure built on lightning fast, secured servers for all of our storage and streaming technologies. This is the engine that drives the company with the ability to bring to market our social media platform, storage and future suite related products! We will never share, store or allow your content to be mined, shared or stored in Chinese data centers.
  • Creádo Media is a hybrid, subscription-based streaming platform allowing creators to build communities around content. Upload videos, podcasts and music and stream live from day one. We will provide better transparency, monetization and privacy protection, including intellectual property for all of our customers. It’s time to put artists back in control of their content, and remove the gatekeepers controlling how your work gets monetized and distributed.
  • Creádo Studios is our original content studio that creates and produces our own original major motion pictures and original series content. It will also serve to secure and license original films for our Creádo Cinema streaming service inside our Creádo Media platform.

Phasing Rollout – Revised 1/9/20

  • Phase 1: Our Creádo Media live beta social platform is launched to the public.
  • Phase 2A: Our Creádo Cinema package launches to the public with over 100 films and documentaries that promote American values.
  • Phase 2B: Our full Creádo Media platform is released to the public with creator channels.
  • Phase 3: Our Creádo Studios original feature films and original series pre-production launch. Later date.

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