"The Hollywood border is now wide open and it's time for an invasion - an invasion of free thinking people who want to see stories about what's good about America. Stories that transcend politics instead of being distorted by them" - Nick Searcy

Technology Shouldn’t be Political!

Technology is supposed to advance productivity, not shut it down. We are now living in an era where big tech, big media and the studios have a complete monopoly on the hosting, creation and delivery of content. This means a majority of the country may now be in the cross-hairs of big tech censorship and cancelled because of their political views. There are simply no scalable cloud platforms that can protect the constitutional rights of American businesses and consumers, until now!
CE Studios Inc (Creádo®) was established in 2020 after several years of research and collaboration among a group of industry professionals destined to change the way content is hosted, created, delivered and consumed. Our sole purpose is to fast track to market our own proprietary technology to facilitate and deliver a fleet of products that will free Americans from their reliance on big tech’s monopoly and control.

Built on Founding Principles

This is America! Where freedom and innovation have led to some of the greatest advancements in world history. It’s time to innovate once again - by providing an alternative infrastructure and distribution method that protects the rights of all customers. Whether it’s business hosting or the creation and delivery of content, we believe all Americans have the right to create and deliver products to market without the fear of being censored or canceled.

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Led by our team of aerospace engineers and cyber specialists we have begun development on our cloud-based infrastructure (IaaS) and technology platform (PaaS) that will provide the backbone for not just our own products and services but will give businesses and consumers new opportunities and choices that currently are not available. Our mission is to provide better transparency, opportunities and privacy protection for all of our customers, including complete protection of customer data and intellectual property.
There has never been a better opportunity to bring a new technology and entertainment company to market to compete in this landscape!
Our time is now!

Planned Rollout

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Phase 4

Ready to join our team?