Creádo® Studios

We will tell the stories Hollywood will not.
Creado Studios is our original content division that manages the content both hosted on our site, as well as the original content we create. Led by a team of veteran Hollywood writers, producers and directors, our goal is to build a catalog of great films that you may have never heard of mixed in with cult classics, great documentaries and live and studio musical performances. 

Because of our monetary system, we will operate completely different from the other streaming platforms when it comes to artists. Filmmakers will be able to begin submitting content fall of 2020. Our team will review and categorize each film by genre and several hundred will be chosen as part of the launch around Easter 2022. 

Our own original projects will also begin production around launch date and will premiere sometime in 2022. Our original content will feature high level informational documentaries, feature films, musical performances and interviews, behind the scenes pieces on the entertainment world, and many other projects.

If you are a filmmaker, you can begin contacting us at [email protected] now, and get on our early list now. 

Stay tuned! Much more coming soon!
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