Welcome to our Membership page. Our team is working hard to bring to market the first truly independent entertainment ecosystem that brings streaming and social media together in one powerhouse entertainment distribution model. We hope our video will inspire you to become a founding member, and share the company with all of your friends. To get a brief overview of what we are building at Creádo® watch our brand film below. 

Become a Founding Member

After listening to our fans and supporters who did not meet the threshold to invest in Creádo®, we decided to launch a Founding Membership program to accommodate them. Think of this as similar to Costco, or AAA, where your membership helps us forward our mission to bring our products and services to market. 

You can become a founding member by choosing the one-time membership of $80 that will give each Founding Member a lifetime subscription to our social media, and unlimited artist channels. Pay-Per-View, downloads, merchandising and in-channel tips will be additional. Founding members will also be vital early adopters of the platform and get exclusive first access to test drive before we launch publicly. This entire mission has been about putting the power back in the hands of artists - and for consumers, to control their communications, protect their data and choose the content they want to see. 

We appreciate you all, and thank you for supporting our mission!

Founding Member

Exclusive pre-launch offer.


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